Weird Stories About Lottery Winnings

Most of you think, winning a lottery gives happiness. But, it may not be true always. When you get overly rejoiced, you tend to get caught in some bizarre things as well. Here you can find seven worst stories of lottery winners.

  1. Trapped For Not Paying Tax

Tonda Dickerson was working at the Waffle House. All the working staffs received one lottery ticket each and agreed to share the winning amount. But when Tonda won the lottery, she deceived all the others. She earned $10 million in the lottery. Other staffs filed a case against her, but they lost. Still, she got trapped by the IRS for not paying her taxes.

  1. Legal Separation

Denise Rossi and Thomas lived for more than 25 years very happily till lottery amount $1.3 million shattered their lives. When she won a lottery, she wanted to get separated from her husband. But she did not reveal the reason to anyone. When the court of justice understood the reason, they agreed to the separation and ordered her to hand over the money to her husband for she violated the California’s disclosure law.

  1. Burned Down In Fire

Lara Griffiths and Brits Roger played lotto and won $3 million. He started his rock career, and she purchased designer goods. All went into ashes very soon. Yes, they could not enjoy wealth as a fire broke down, and they lost everything.

  1. Assassinated

‪Abraham Shakespeare’s lottery story cannot be digested at all. He was born in Florida and did not study after seventh grade. He received a jackpot when he was forty years old. He decided to spend his $30 million lottery money to the poor. He did many charities. But finally, his friend Moore assassinated him and buried him under a concrete block.

  1. Lost in Gambling

Ms. Evelyn Adams won the lottery twice and had more than $5 million money. But, she was greedy to make more money and wasted all her money on gambling. Due to her poor gaming behavior, she had nothing left than a trailer for her living.

  1. Robbery

‪Jack Whittaker was lucky to win $314 million in the lottery. Christmas Day that year was so special for him. He spent 10% money from the lottery winnings to a charitable trust. But, within a year, his house was ransacked by robbers. Later, the club dancer and manager who managed to give him the drugs took the remaining money away.

  1. Suicide

Mr. Billie Bob spent $31 million within twenty months after winning the lottery in Texas. He left his job and did some charity as well. Finally, he lost all money, and his wife deserted him. He committed suicide at last.

Anyone can feel very sorry to know such weird things that happen even after getting lump sum money through a lottery. Remember, while money is needed for life, but not at the cost of your peace of mind. There are other types of entertainment activities except for lottery, for example, you will definitely have a good time dropping in ValleyGames website, which offers a lot of various online casino you may choose.

Take a wise decision for leading a healthy, wealthy, and a contented life. Do not become a prey as these seven of the people mentioned above. Still, if you want to win a lottery, then you must donate all in excess and live with what is required for you.